Succulent Love

  Succulents are amongst my favorite plants.  They’re rockin’ it at the top of the popularity charts the last few years.  For good reason.  Besides having loads of personality, they’re easy to take care of, cut & propagate and they’re wicked hard to kill.

Succulents are a group of plants that store water in their thick leaves and stems. Some of the more common types include Jade & Snake plants, Cactus and Aloe.  I love low-growing ones such as Hen and Chicks (a.k.a. Sempervivum or Echeveria if you want to be fancy pants).

I just picked up this vintage Maxwell House coffee can at a Yard Sale for a dollar.  In these parts we call them Tag Sales – I know – we’re weird.  Hitting Tag Sales together is my all-time favorite date with Mr. Hungry.  I came home & filled it with potting soil.  I snipped off a couple plants on the deck and stuck’em in.  Isn’t it cute?  Super simple. A dollar.

coffee can succulent with words

I probably would have passed that coffee can by, but I stopped at a funky food truck on The Cape a couple weeks ago and got inspired.

succulents-rusty-box-songbird logo

 I wouldn’t have thought to use that rusty old tool box – would you? It looks great!

Succulent Strawberry Pot and recipe bosThe one with the orange flowers is planted in a stainless canister just like those my Mom had for flour & sugar when I was a kid.  Who-da’ thunk?  And those there in the recipe box and strawberry pot are lovely too.  If it were me, I’d like to see them in something with a little more color variation.  But that’s just me, micro-analyzing.

I needed to buy a gift for a 10th anniversary party this summer.  I was perusing shelves at Homegoods and found this metal planter on the clearance rack.  I stopped at a garden shop and bought one big succulent to start with.  I trimmed some of my own plants to fill in.

happy-10th-planter-with-lake logoTurned out cute – No?

In lieu of a card (the cost of cards is reeediculous these days isn’t it?), I made the little pennant swag to stick into it.

happy-10th-mini-banner-up-close logoI used colored paper, heavy thread and beads I had around the house and attached it to wooden coffee stirrers.  It took less time to whip together than stopping at a drug store to pick out a card.

Last weekend I found this sweet blue cup at a consignment shop for less than $2.!  It’s an actual planter with a drain hole in the bottom.

succulent-in-blue-cup logoPlanting it up was a quick mini project.  We have a bird bath on the deck overflowing with a variety of plants and succulents.  I took out the scissors and gave it a little “hair cut”.

Bird Bath PlanterI just clipped off some of the pieces hanging over the sides.

Succulent ClippingI stripped off the lower leaves and trimmed the stem down a bit.

Succulent Clipping Trimmed

Then I stuck ’em in the dirt.  You can even just stick leaves right in the dirt too.

succulent-in-blue-cup-from-above logoDon’t forget to water them once you’re done.  They don’t need much – go light.  Outside on a hot summer day I water almost every day (lightly), but they sit in full sun. Those kept inside all year get watered lightly just once a week.

I was given the “Pour Me a Drink” pot for Mothers’ Day.

drink-planters logoIt turns out I have a little theme going on here.

 I’ve had succulents in and around the house for years.

A couple years ago I bought the plants in this one at a Yard/Tag Sale & potted them.

082014 low succulents in blue pot LR

Mr. Hungry cut me a slice of wood to sit the planter on.

Here are a couple more living inside.  Jade on the left, Snake plant on the right.

082014 jade and snake plant 3

I love the dimension and texture they add to a space.

 Planting succulents is easy and instantly gratifying.  Maybe you have a piece of pottery, an old boot or some other funky container to fill and add personality to a corner of your domain.

Have Fun!

coffee-can-succulent logo

Come back soon.  I’m so glad you stopped by.  

love you ~donna

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6 thoughts on “Succulent Love

  1. Love succulents as well. The coffee can idea is wonderful. My dad had many maxwell house coffee cans and i kept some thinking i would find a good way to use them. You gave me that idea. Love your blog!

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