I Want S’More Mini S’Mores


We didn’t even know that this past Sunday – August 10th – was National S’Mores Day.

And what did we just so happen to have?




We had friends over for dinner and with three kids it was the logical choice.  Boy, were we lucky blessed or what, with S’Mores for dessert and a Super Moon (biggest full moon of the year) around the fire pit on a stellar summer night?

     Along with traditional S’Mores, we tried something new.  I just heard about Mini S’Mores, using Teddy Grahams, mini marshmallows & chocolate chips.  What a fun twist on the old favorite!  Not only that, but I only indulged in one teeny tiny little mini S’More and it was just enough.  Ooops…now that I think about it, it might have been two.

(FYI: One Mini S’more has less than 17 calories, using 2 Teddy Grahams, One Mini Marshmallow & one regular chocolate chip!…Yes, I did the math.)

     We decided to have them again the next night so I could take pictures for you all. The kids had stayed overnight, so they were more than happy to comply.  I “made” them act as my hand models, holding mini S’Mores in front of the fire.  Good times.

 Mini Smore on skewer over fire    Mini Smore ingredientsMini Smore front

  We used thin bamboo skewers for “roasting” the mini marshmallows.  They toast up in a matter of seconds.  Heck, you could toast one up over a candle any day of the year.

Mini Smore with M&Ms

We took out peanut butter and M&M’s to add to the mix too.

We’ve had the same fire pit on the deck for 14 years, ever since we first moved to this place.


See it up there with the red flower pot on top?  It sits there as a functional table when we’re not having a fire.

Here’s a look at it from the other direction.

2014-08-12 09[1].30.29

     My Mr. Hungry Handy Guy built the tiled table top to fit over it.  It’s pretty and practical.  I love it.

But back to S’Mores.  This wasn’t the first time we put a spin on tradition.  Last summer we roasted “Peep” S’Mores.  I bought packages of bright yellow marshmallow Peeps off the Easter clearance rack & saved them for 4 months – just for that reason.  I don’t know if I’d do that again.  Those neon colored sugar chicks become molten lava if you happen to get any on you.

Peep SMore

Smore Peep finger in ice cropped


If you’re looking for other ideas and inspiration, I stumbled on this {Huffington Post article} on Grown-up S’Mores. You MUST check this out.  My favorite on the list to try would be one made with Nutella & Bacon!!!  Whaaaaat?!?  Did I just hear an angel sing?  The perfect summer campfire dessert was just blown out of the water.

So even though National S’Mores Day has passed, don’t you wanna run right out and get yo’self some provisions?

S'More Mini on a Candle

This could be you.

Do you have a favorite variation to share with the rest of us?  I want S’More.

Love you. ~donna

6 thoughts on “I Want S’More Mini S’Mores

  1. I recently saw this s’more recipe that I wanted to try! One simple ingredient can totally change the flavor and I would loove to add a fresh raspberry onto my next s’more. The only thing is I would probably swap out the regular Hershey square for a dab of nutella now that you mention it! 😉


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