The Summer Fireplace

I love my summer fireplace.  It wasn’t always so.

We may be a little crazy.  It’s only been 3 weeks since we had the last fire in it.  In June.  That’s New England for you.

It sits at the end of our looong Great Room. The raised hearth makes it visible everywhere.  If there’s no fire lit – I’m antsy, like there’s a black hole sucking out life.

It’s just not right.

So we keep a fire going practically every single night of the year, except for summer.

We’ve tried a variety of summer options in years gone by.  It’s always been a mix of pillar candles & holders in varying heights & types.  For years I only allowed white candles and then switched to a mish-mosh of whatever color I could get cheap.  I could be driving a Ferrari for all I’ve spent on candles in my lifetime.

Fireplace colored candles close martini glass

I knowww….there’s wayyy too much shtuff in and around the fireplace that year It’s one of those times you look back & ask yourself “Really?? – I did that?”.

I finally came upon a solution that makes me happy.  The inspiration came from one of my very favorite blogs.  This is what I saw:

nester fireplace upright branchesThe author of the fantabulous blog the Nesting Place is Myquillen Smith, a.k.a. The NesterI’m telling you, you MUST stop over & take a gander.  She’s a Blog World Rock Star.  She too wrote a post {here} about  fireplaces where you’ll find lots more inspiration.  I pretty much wanna be a big copycat and show you every one of her pictures.  Don’t miss it.

For me, I need a little candle action.  I don’t care if it’s 90 degrees out.  I came up with this.

Fireplace Summer Day Candles full color corrected

I took her idea of logs standing on end and added smooth beach stones & candles.  Three’s enough for summer.  And yes, I light them pretty much every night, except when we’re out around the firepit.  The “candleholders” are actually drinking glasses I found at Homegoods.  The glasses slip in & out of wicker sleeves.  I only use them for candles.  I like how they add to the organic look.

Fireplace one candle up close

Fireplace three candles lit

 Fireplace Summer Day Candles close color fixedSo how about you?  Do you have a fireplace you could spruce up for summer?  Or year-round if you don’t typically light it?

Here’s more inspiration.

fireplace ballard mirror{via Ballard Design}

If you have some sunshine, you can’t go wrong with the traditional look of plants or a potted flower.  I love this one.

summer-fireplace white flowers

Or this big Boston Fern.

fireplace with boston fern{via}

It’s not my  personality, but I think this one’s genius:


It’s the perfect little stage for an interesting vignette.

Here’s one with a couple of “random” décor pieces.  I doubt I’d have thought to put them together, but for some reason it just works.coral and bust in fireplace {via}

fireplace with moss balls{via}

fireplace with shells{via BH&G}

So if you’ve got a fireplace, stop looking at a black hole.  Get in there.  Play around with things you find in the yard, on the beach & around the house.  It could be a new happy place for you.

Mine is.

Fireplace one candle up close

I’d love to hear if you’ve been inspired to make a change.  And do share if you have another summery idea for the rest of us.  K?

love you all.  ~donna

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