Mashtini Bar & More – Bridal Shower Mini Series – Part 3

 Welcome Back!

I’m wrapping up this Bridal Shower mini series.  The first two posts {here} and {here} explained how it was a Display Shower with a tasteful neon & gold color scheme.

Shower Wedding Dress and Fireplace And speaking of tasteful, this last part has all the details on the food and drink.  At MoreThanHungry, obviously we’re all about the food.

We started with something I’ve wanted to try since I first heard of it –

A Mashtini Bar

It’s mashed potatoes in martini glasses with a variety of toppings.  Mashtini Ingredients

Shower Martini Glasses From Above

Shower Mashtini Bacon in the Bottom  It’s a very reasonably priced appetizer spread and easy to prepare.  If you’re making it for a crowd you’d have the added expense of renting martini glasses.

Shower Martini Glasses on buffet  For 50 people, 15 pounds of mashed potatoes were made and it was just the right amount. Toppings included steamed broccoli, grated cheddar, crumbled blue cheese, sour cream & butter, caramelized onions, fresh chives and of course LOTS of BACON.  {Here’s my helpful hint if you ever find yourself in line at a Mashtini Bar…put a little bacon in the bottom of your glass first 🙂 }.   I’m one of those bacon fanatics.  I have an entire {Pinterest board} devoted to my bacon adoration.  Check it out!

Shower Sharon Susan Mashtini Bar

Shower Ashli Molly Mashtini

Mashtini Top DownHeck – this could be the main entree for a party.   If so, I’d make more potatoes and include other toppings such as shrimp, diced ham or chicken.

But the food kept coming.  For the main course we served one of our most well-loved recipes.

Chicken Marbella

 No – not Chicken Marsala.  Have you heard of it? Chicken Marbella is one of those iconic go-to recipes that’s a great choice to make for a crowd.  It ALWAYS receives raves.  It’s from The Silver Palate Cookbook.  Don’t turn your nose up at critical ingredients that include prunes, capers & green olives.  Flavors mellow and meld together making it rich and flavorful.  When I ask people if they can guess the secret ingredient (prunes) – no one can.  Some think it’s balsamic vinegar (it’s not).  The only variation was using  boneless breasts cut into large pieces rather than whole parts.  It needs to marinate overnight, so plan ahead.  It’s excellent warm or room temperature and flavors improve even after a couple of days.  It’s a superb make-ahead dish.  You can easily Google that recipe and find it all over the place.  I’m telling you ~

Along with the chicken, we served a Caprese style pasta salad, grilled vegetables and caesar salad.

Mr. Hungry grilled a variety of vegetables outside over a wood fire.  Yes, he’s fanatical like that. Veggies included asparagus, green & yellow squash, mini tri-color peppers, mushrooms and carrots.  The carrots needed pre-cooking in the microwave before hitting the grill.  All were drizzled with a balsamic glaze.

Shower Veg and ChickenI missed taking a photo of the Caprese Pasta Salad.  Darn.  It’s quite simple and doesn’t really need a recipe.  We used Penne tossed with a combination of halved grape tomatoes and mini fresh mozzarella balls, sun-dried tomatoes, good olive oil, grated Italian cheese and Salt & Pepper. Oh – and plenty of fresh chopped basil added at the last minute.

I find these California sun-dried tomatoes in the Produce Department and get the ones that are julienne cut (rather than whole), so it’s one last thing to prep.  Be sure to add every bit of the oil in the jar to the salad too.  It’s full of flavor.

Sundried tomatoesThe last menu item on the buffet was Caesar Salad.   I like to make my own croutons when I have the time.  Simply cube bread and sprinkle or spray with olive oil.  Season with dried herbs if you want and toast them in the oven.  They’re sooo much better than rock-hard nuggets out of the box.  To add a special touch for the occasion, we used cookie cutters to cut bread into heart shapes.  (If you’re cutting them into shapes, use a dense sliced sandwich bread such as Arnold or Pepperidge Farm).  In the past I’ve cut them into stars too.

Shower Caesar SaladIt’s one of those things that takes just a little more time, but the pay-off is worth it.

Shower Napkin Basket

It’s all in the details.

Shower Menu and FlowersFor beverages, we kept it simple.  No punch bowl, no mixed drinks.  Besides a pretty glass dispenser of water with lemon, we had bottles of Orange Cream soda (found at Homegoods) and Pellegrino sparkling water.

Shower Orange SodaIn keeping with a touch of Cupcakes in the theme, four different varietals of wines from Cupcake Vineyards were served.  Ladies were lovin’ the Red Velvet.

Shower Cupcake Wines 1A couple of years ago I picked up dozens of these vintage stemmed glasses at a Yard Sale for just 15 cents each!  They’ve come in handy with all these weddings and parties.

Shower Wine GlassesWe tied them with little tags so people could add names if they wanted.

Shower Label your glassAs mentioned in my previous post, we had help with the Dessert Table.  If anyone offered to bring something, I asked them to make some type of sweets.

Of course there were cupcakes for my Cupcake Girl.

Shower Cupcakes

Shower Dessert Buffet We also had vanilla ice cream hearts with a raspberry sorbet center dipped in white chocolate.  They’re made a few miles from my house at Royal Ice Cream.

My Mom was in charge of making and bringing all things needed for coffee & tea.

Never could I have pulled this off without the help of others.  It was huge having my daughters and son-in-laws to help for the whole weekend.  My nephew and his young son helped in the kitchen with the rest of the guys too.  Most of all though, it’s Mr. Hungry that makes it all possible.  He’s the glue that holds it all together.

Shower Gary and PhilNow you know why I had to split this into a mini-series.  I’ve been talking your ear off for quite some time.

I’ll have plenty more to share in the future, as we count down to The Big Day in June.

Ohhh My ~ the last of the baby birds will become a Mrs…sigh.

Britt little bride with doll cropped

Shower Three Sisters cropped


Hmmmm…I’m still dreaming of those Mashtinis…

Shower Mashtini Glass Full Shot Until next time friends!

love, donna

Venue: The Lodge at Crandall Park – Tolland, CT

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