Sweet Design Inspiration and Shopping From Home

Oh Honey, I’ve got sweet design inspiration for you today. I’m glad you’re here.  honeycomb raw jar{source}

In my last post, I shared a recipe for some sweet comfort food.  Well I’m stepping out of the kitchen.

I’ve given you next to nothing in the realm of home decor & design up to this point.  Hmpf..what’s up with that?  If you know me, you know I’m all over that and I’ve got plenty to talk about.

The most intense design project I ever took on, one that nearly took me down, was a complete – and I mean complete – budget wrecking, insomnia-producing, monstrous renovation of our own home.  From top to bottom we knocked down walls, moved & added staircases, completely re-wired, re-plumbed, added up & out and way more.  I was our designer, “architect” and general contractor. It took about a year.  It took me several years to recover & be able to watch HGTV without gagging a little.

In the 1800’s this place was a barn.  There was hay between the floorboards in the attic when we arrived.  It had been converted into three 3-room apartments.  It wasn’t pretty.  Not even a smidge.  People thought we were crazy.  I’d love to share more of that saga with you in the future.

  Back then, internet design sources and shopping were in their infancy.  At least for me.   In 2000, I distinctly remember discovering I could put the words “Vintage Swedish” into a search box and the giddiness I felt when my world opened up.

Books, magazines and catalogues were my primary source of inspiration.  I’d sit with stacks of them and dog-ear pages, tear out pictures and file them in manilla folders with little sticky notes all over them.  I lugged arm loads of books out of the library every week during the renovation.  Oh, the Olden Days.

Stack of Design Books 040514

These days we’re all Pinning and adding things to virtual Wish Lists.

Back in the reno days I worked part-time and had more hours to meander (or race) around, hunt for ideas & price shop.  Not anymore.  Now there’s no need to traipse all over kingdom-come, touching every kitchen faucet within a day’s drive – five times over.  I don’t need to be on a first name basis with everyone at Home Depot.  The miles of aisles I walked in those days were mind-numbing.  Now I hit five stores in one night, sitting by the fire in my favorite chair.  I compare prices, read reviews & with a few key-strokes have a package on my doorstep in a couple of days.  From Pinterest to Houzz.com, blogs, on-line stores & magazines – unlimited ideas and sources are at our fingertips & even on our cellphones.

Don’t get me wrong – Lord knows I love a leisurely stroll up & down every single solitary aisle at Homegoods. It’s one of life’s little pleasures and something different all together.  Hey – Did you know that Homegoods has an awesome design blog too?  Check it out {HERE}.

So Honey, today I’ve scouted out inspiration for you & included links to their sources.  With all the geometric patterns everywhere, one that hasn’t been over-used at the moment is Honeycomb.  It’s a trend I’m sweet on.

Let’s start with the bold punch of color & design in this bright yellow pillow.  It just makes this corner.

honeycomb pillow etsy{Etsy.com}

And these honeycomb textured vases fit right in to my world.


{west elm}

I’m lovin’ this sweet lamp and it’s a super reasonable $55.

honeycomb lamp pier 1{Pier 1}

The textured metal base and that teal shade make it a stand-out. It’s like a piece of jewelry to perk up a room.

Here’s a bold practical piece I spotted at Target.  It could be tucked in to all kinds of spots.

honeycomb table target - bath {Target}

Doesn’t this look cheerful?

honeycomb rug yellow{shadesoflight.com}

 These drapery panels are part of a line that includes crib bedding for a nursery too.



Here’s an interesting concept ~ Peel and Stick stainless steel back-splash tile, made from 60% recycled product.  stainless honeycomb backsplash{source}

How about a unique towel ring from Urban Outfitters for only $14.?

honeycomb towel ring


I saw these {IKEA} mirrors on Pinterest.  You can group together as many as you’d like.

honeycomb ikea mirrorsOr this big mirror honeycomb mirror grandinroadfrom {Grandinroad.com}.

Now this is buzz-worthy~


I recently spotted a glass terrarium similar to this one from {Etsy}.  It’s what got me thinking about the whole honeycomb trend.

honeycomb terrariums etsy

I love Love LOVE shopping at Etsy.com.  How about you?  It’s a wealth of inspiration and it makes me happy to support the little guy.  I feel like a kid in a candy store shopping for pillows there, with thousands to choose from.  Here are a few more:

honeycomb pillow chartreuse {Etsy.com}

Metallic anyone?honeycomb pillow gold{Etsy.com}

There are even stylish options for your pup.

honeycomb dog bed{Etsy.com}

They have a huge selection of unique wall stencils.

honeycomb stencil


This big bold honeycomb wallpaper is a Beeauty. It’s a great choice for renters or someone not ready to commit – it’s peel & stick and re-positionable.

honeycomb-deep-blue wallpaper{homedecorators.com}

Or maybe you’re on a super tight budget like Moi.  For a mere eight bucks you can download this print & frame it yourself.Honeycomb print download Etsy{Etsy.com}

Don’t worry, Bee Happy.  There’s a little something for everyone.

And here’s one last idea because after all…

honeycomb you are loved print{Etsy.com}

For more design inspiration, I’ve pinned hundreds of other ideas on Pinterest.  If you haven’t done so yet, you can follow me {here} and see what else I’m looking at these days.

So sweet of you to stop by.


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