Little Things are Big Things in Vegas with The Cupcake Girls

The final days of my trip to Vegas were spent in a Celebrity Suite at the HardRock Hotel in the midst of the biggest Adult Entertainment Expo in the world.

ccg avn-adult-expo-2014_0

I was visiting my daughter, who’s a volunteer with The Cupcake Girls.  For anyone here for the first time, you can catch up on background in links HERE and HERE.  My earlier posts will give you a proper introduction.  It’s a non-profit group that exists to bring non-judgmental support, consistent caring, community resources and peace, love & cupcakes to women working in the adult entertainment industry.

ccg montage 1 The bar next to the entrance in the main room (flanked by security in the outer corridor) became the check-in point for arriving porn stars.

An invitation was needed in order to get in.

ccg invitation

 ccg britt and blonde

That’s my daughter at the check-in on the left.  She serves as Chief of Communications and spent a goodly amount of time tweeting & fielding appointments at the bar.  Here she is with more of the leadership team.

ccg serious girls at desk

They look uncharacteristically serious there.  This is more typical of what I saw throughout the week~

ccg orange lashes laughing girls

ccg two girls new

These girls were a blast.

 The color scheme throughout the luxurious suite included deep pink, black & gold.

 I saw the faces of industry ladies as they arrived, seeing the detail, beauty and class that made the suite top-notch and luxurious, just for them.  They noticed, appreciated and “oohed & ahhhed”.

There were stunning fresh flowers throughout.

ccg flowers

ccg chairs and flowers

A pool table in the suite was the perfect spot to hold Swag Bags full of gifts to take on the way out.

ccg swag bags on pool table

The bags also held information about The Cupcake Girls. Women choose to reach out for a variety of reasons following these events.

CCG cards and info

ccg bag with tag close up

Each person was given a choice of two free spa services, including hair styling, make-up, massages, facials & manicures.  Appointment cards were handed out.  They could sit down, take their heels off, relax in the main room and enjoy free food & drinks.

Paraffin wax treatments for hands were an option during the wait too.

ccg appt cards updated

Refreshments were prepared & artfully displayed by this hardworking group:

ccg food ladies

ccg puffs on food table

ccg veggie tower

And of course there were pink CUPCAKES.


ccg chocolate cupcakes

One little way I could help was by lettering signs for food tables:

ccg food labels

Volunteers shared such a broad variety of gifts.  Some were organizational.  Others were “transformational” & I was impressed with those I saw at the hands of talented stylists.  Some of the greatest gifts were undoubtedly relational.

Small talk started with things like “Are you going to the awards show?” and if so, “Are you up for an award?”.

Women were excited to learn they could attend all four days if they wanted.  Appointments were made for the days ahead.  Saturday was the busiest day, with beautification going on for the The Red Carpet and AVN Awards Show (“The Oscars” for porn movies). I was gone by then & missed seeing some of them come back to the suite to show off their finery.  Darn.

ccg lots of make up

ccc lashes

There was an air-brush foundation station & I got to try that out for the first time too.

ccg-airbrush cropped I gave hand & foot massages at a table in one of the large bedrooms.   I looked around the room at one point & counted 12 women being treated to spa services by 12 volunteers – including myself.  This was just one of the rooms in the suite.

It was a very cool thing to be a part of, to hear friendly banter and listen to The Cupcake Girls interact with the girls & vice versa.  Throughout the week, the air inside the suite changed back and forth from peaceful, quiet and spa-like to that of a Big Rousing Girl Party.

CCG bedroom busy with stations

 This group, surrounding Joy Hoover (a.k.a. the Head Cupcake) is part of the Portland chapter.  They came all the way from Oregon to assist with the event~

ccg portland girls with joy

I was struck by how volunteers went out of their way to make every single person feel special.  This was genuine caring & personal interest ~ not superficial. I was surprised by how quickly conversations would open up.

ccg hair two

CCG make-up application

blue hair pink nails

ccg hair one

I want to talk about something many of you may be wondering.  You might have misconceptions. I’ve been faced with a few.

Many mistakenly assume this is a “Christian” organization, some sort of “Come to Jay-sus” for strippers, prostitutes and porn stars.  Are you surprised to know that it’s NOT a religious group?  While many of the women who volunteer with the group indeed consider themselves Christians, the group is composed of women from other faiths & atheists too.

Huh.  A novel idea.

Some people automatically assume there must be a hidden agenda & some kind of motive behind all this.  The Cupcake Girls say they have one agenda.  To Love.

Does that not seem real?

What do YOU think?

From MY perspective? ~ The experience was likely one of the most humbling things I’ve ever seen. For me personally, as someone who considers herself a Christ-follower, it glowed as a premium example of the type of people we’re called to be.

To come along side and acknowledge worth and provide HOPE.  To offer a hand to those who stumble or are hurting.  To love those on the fringes.   To truly love and give grace unmerited – no strings attached.

I heard a few girls say “But Nobody cares about us.”   “Everybody considers them to be one of the lowest groups in the food chain.  I pondered living a life outside the margins like that.

I overheard an extremely interesting long conversation at the station next to me involving a plus-size porn star.  She gushed over how much she loves the adult entertainment industry.  Why?  Because she said one can always fit in and find your place within it. She said you can be loved and accepted no matter what you look like, what your size, big boobs, small boobs, the list went on.

Can we say twisted?  And I don’t mean her.

I’m a hugger.  I love a good solid one – not those back-patting pseudo hugs.  It did my heart good that some of the women reached out to hug me when I was done with their massage. I wanted to hold on a little tighter, a little longer.

One young woman was sweet & so precious and looked like she could be one of my own girls.  She teared up as we spoke during her hand massage.  She was touched by it all & said “I don’t understand why you’re doing this for me. I’m such an asshole.”  Now what would your response be in that moment?  In that split second my mouth says “I’m a real asshole too.” And I meant it.

With eyes brimming with tears, she said she wished she could stay in the suite all day and not have to go back to the convention.

  I left with a richer understanding of why and how The Cupcake Girls have been able to get into (and be welcomed back with open arms) to strip-clubs, porn shows and brothels in the Las Vegas & Portland areas.  There’s much to soak in from this.

What A Vacation.

So how do I wrap this up?  It seems a little weird to me that my next post may be about a favorite cocktail or a new way to cook quinoa or some other fool thing.

If there’s one thing I want to take away from this, one thing I want to remember more often is,

 Little things can be the big things. ccg logoYes.  Those Cupcake Girls say ~

“Sometimes, it’s the smallest acts of kindness that can lead to the greatest change.”


 Like giving out cupcakes.

In Las Vegas.

CCG Volunteers - big group with Joy in front

Once again ~


And a {good hug} from me to you ~donna

p.s.  If you’re still trying to understand WHY they do this, watch the short video in the link {HERE}.  You’ll hear individual stories of women reaching back to them. And just maybe, a call came after a relaxing spa treatment at a porn convention.

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