My Cupcake Girls Trip to Vegas

I’ve been wrestling with what to write about My Las Vegas Adventure with The Cupcake Girls a couple of weeks ago. How to put it down in a few paragraphs.  It’s certainly the most unique vacation I’ve ever taken.  It’s not often one can say you gave hand & foot massages to strippers and porn stars.  It sounds sensationalized.  It’s simply true. I could leave that point out, but from my perspective, those were some of the high points of my visit.   Let me explain.

In case you’re here for the first time, I went to visit my daughter Britt.  She’s been a full-time volunteer for nearly two years for a non-profit group that acts as a non-judgmental support system for women in the Adult Entertainment Industry.  Here’s a link to an earlier Q&A interview Britt gave HERE (for the website that I have NOT posted before.

Here’s the photo associated with the interview…doesn’t she look like her Mama?


 My first morning in Vegas started out atypically for a first time tourist.  We went to church.  You may be surprised to know (as I was) that many churches are thriving & growing in the area.  Her church – The Crossing – with four packed services every Sunday, will be moving to a brand new bigger building this month.  They’ll go from 450 parking spaces to 1200!  People…Twelve Hundred!! I call that pretty remarkable & worth noting. It’s not the type of thing you associate with “Sin City”.  Here’s a picture I snapped with my phone:

The Crossing Church Las Vegas

The Crossing Church ~ Las Vegas

 I want to give you a little more background on how I ended up giving massages to porn stars and how this whole thing has unfolded.

Nearly three years ago, Britt was working as the Marketing Manager for a Connecticut company & went to Vegas for a trade show.  She too went to church one Sunday morning.  It was there she heard the group’s founder – Joy Hoover – speak for the first time. She left unable to get it out of her head. She wrestled with thoughts for months (at least 8) before deciding to leave an excellent job, her family & friends in Connecticut and move to Vegas to volunteer full-time.  It’s been eye-opening.  The woman she heard speak – Joy- is not someone with a degree in Social Services or Business and she’s not a former sex worker or dancer.

She was simply a Hair Stylist on vacation in Vegas with her husband when she saw a need. This idea of hers has grown into an organization with over 100 volunteers in two states that have helped countless women in the industry & growing.

Joy Hoover - Founder of The Cupcake Girls

Joy Hoover – Founder of The Cupcake Girls

{Photo courtesy of The Justice Conference in Portland, Oregon.  HERE‘s a link with more info if you’re interested.}

  Back to my visit….sorry..I digressed…

On Monday, I spent time with about 15  volunteers at the CCG office.  Two Kitchenaid mixers cranked out batch upon batch of homemade Grapefruit Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub. 500 jars were bottled up and labeled!  These were put into Swag Bags to be given to women attending the events that week.  Others packed up stacks of boxes of hair products, make-up, eye lashes and all kinds of things to haul to the hotel.

On Tuesday, I attended a volunteer orientation.  Besides myself, there were legit Spa professionals who’d be volunteering to do hair & make-up also. 

The Cupcake Girls rented an elegant celebrity suite in one of the casino towers at The Hard Rock Hotel.

The Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas

The Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas

The first day was attended by local women.  These are girls they see in their regular visits to area Strip Clubs.  It was their annual “Tiffany Spa Day” event. The place was hoppin’.  Raffle prizes of all kinds were given out throughout the evening with the grand prize being 2 pieces of jewelry from Tiffany’s in one of those iconic Blue Boxes…Cool – right?

tiffany box med

 One local dancer I spoke to left a toddler at home with her boyfriend and took an hour long bus ride each way in order to attend the CCG event.  I gave her a hand massage. 

As I massaged hands or tired sore feet I saw tensions begin to ease.  I enjoyed meeting women who knew Britt from club visits and hearing first hand ways they’d been personally assisted by The CCG.  Another woman was an absolute sweetheart that bubbled over with personality and smiles.  She called herself The Cupcake Girls Biggest Supporter. She said she’s taken advantage of so many of the services and assistance they have to offer & had just recently gotten herself out of the business.  She told me how she was fed up with the whole industry and her fresh struggle with the transition from making good money to applying for food stamps now in order to survive.  She radiated determination & a huge genuine drive to grow and become a new and improved person.  I wish I could hang out with her because this woman could teach Me a thing or two.

In the luxurious spa at the Celebrity Suite, women were invited to choose two free spa services each day.  These included hair styling, make-up, facials, manicures & massages. 

Now I’m no massage therapist, but I know how much I like a good hand or foot massage at the nail salon.  I figured I could handle doing that.  I literally watched several YouTube videos and practiced on Britt before it started. End of training.  I had my reservations.  It had little to do with the clientele, and more to do with wondering if I’d give a good massage, or if I’d get tired or sick of doing it (keepin’ it honest). That didn’t happen. I felt as though someone had picked me up and dropped me down in the midst of a movie scene.

I spent the next 2 full days in the suite, arriving around 10 in the morning and leaving after clean-up around 9 pm.  I wished I was able to stay through Saturday & Sunday too. 

Following the first day with local women, it was a bit of a contrast (speaking of eye-opener)… with the women coming in dressed and ready to work at the AEE – the Adult Entertainment Expo. Yowza.

I read an article in The Las Vegas Sun by Robin Leach about this year’s AEE & the AVN Awards (remember him from “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous?”).  He said, “AVN/AEE is the largest annual gathering of the industry’s leaders, hundreds of the world’s most accomplished sex stars and the fans who adore them.  It is the word’s most reported-on event in porn-industry history with 300 performers set to walk the red carpet and battle for 100 awards for achievements in ‘the business of pleasure’.” 

I also read that actress-comedienne Joan Rivers co-hosted the awards ceremony that was broadcast on the Showtime network.  It was the 31st annual awards & convention. And “Demand for access by global media outlets from more than 25 countries to the Oscars of the Adult Entertainment industry was so large that more than 500 applications for media coverage had to be turned down.”


This is no small time event.  I’m just trying to paint you a picture of what was going on around us.

But I’ve been rambling on too long for one post.  I need to collect my thoughts and share more with you in the days ahead.  I want to tell you some more things I learned from porn stars and things that have literally changed me in some ways – even if just a little. 

For those who didn’t see it on Facebook, I rocked these lashes the last day there ~


I attempted a Selfie to share with you but thankfully they were all too blurry.  Needless to say – I was a tad less glamorous.

I want to tell you more about the amazing.. AH-MAZING group of ordinary women doing extraordinary things one cupcake at a curl or lash at a time. 

I have a slew of pictures on my “new” camera that I’m having mega technical difficulties with {groan}.  I hope to figure it out & show you many more.

And don’t you want to know the point of all this?

I hope you meet me back here at so I can tell you the rest of the story.  You just might want to  sign on to receive email updates so you don’t miss a thing!

Until next time!

Love, ~donna

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