I’ve Never Been to Vegas and I’m Scared

I’m overwhelmed with the number of people who read my last blog post.  Really.  In case you haven’t seen it, it’s about a non-profit in Las Vegas called The Cupcake Girls that cares for & supports women in the Adult Entertainment Industry. I’m heading there later this week.  Checking back in I was struck by the photograph in my blog header.  That happy little snow-covered sled sitting outside my door looked at odds with what was knocking around my head.


I decided to look for something more fitting…hmm…

I stumbled on this photo and it gave me a pain in my chest.



I’ve never been to Vegas and I’m Scared.

I wake up in the morning and look out the window at this…

ice snow sunrise on lake

Seriously, there are THREE stop lights in town.  There’s no police station, but rather a measly two resident state troopers – last I knew.  The closest place to buy milk is a farm stand selling bales of hay and bags of feed.

Granted, Las Vegas draws bajillions of people from all over the globe every day.  I’ve just never been one of them and I’m suddenly feeling small.  I try to picture myself in that photo of The Strip & it has me shaking my head (I actually just did) – as if trying to snap myself out of something.

I know, I know, I’ve seen the pictures before.  You’d think with a daughter there I’d be less taken a-back. Um.  Where have I been?  Have I been lulled into my own pseudo-reality of what she and the rest of The Cupcake Girls are really doing?

When Joy Hoover (the “Head Cupcake”) came to Connecticut to do hair and make-up for a family wedding in 2012, my daughter asked her to come to church the next day.  She wanted her to share what they were involved in.  You can bet the Hungry Guy & I were groaning at the thought of getting up early the morning after the (evening) wedding.  We’d been cooking. We’d been dancing.  We’d been partying.

Bed sounded much better. oh yah.

I admit we went begrudgingly.  The pastor invited her to speak before him.  People sat on the edge of their seats.  Tears streamed down faces.  The pastor decides to FORGET the sermon and let her keep speaking…

When I say compelling, I mean compelling.

If you weren’t able to take the time to watch the YouTube clip in my previous post, I’d highly recommend it.  She goes into stories of some of the women they’ve supported & cared for.  Turn off your HGTV and your Candy Crush Saga & spend a few minutes in reality.  And this is not just Vegas Baby.  Did you know there’s another branch in Portland, Oregon?  That my daughter’s considering a Cupcake Girls Connecticut?

I can’t tell you the number of times people have looked sideways at that thought with furrowed brow.

I mean …Connecticut?  Is that really necessary?

Many would be surprised to know that 17 miles from this idyllic view of mine…Snow covered view to the lake

sits the actual setting for this book:

A Story of Human Trafficking in America...I mean Connecticut

A True Story of Human Trafficking in America…I mean Connecticut…

 Many of us are lulled into our own pseudo-realities in our quaint New England, USA towns.  Not just Las Vegas, Nevada.  So if you have a few minutes, take a look…

I’ve been hearing the stories for the last couple years.  Some involve my own daughter. I like to think they’re out there doing their good deeds and lookin’ pretty cute at the same time.cupcake girls 3 with britt in middle

I mean – doesn’t that just look fun and sassy and hip?

Then you remember.  Life is so messy.  It’s full of brokenness, suffering, addictions, poor decisions (ETCETERA ~ ad infinitum).  Lord knows I have a laundry list of my own.

So – Yah — I’m scared.

But everyone (you, me and women in the Adult Entertainment Industry) deserves LOVE, support and the occasional cupcake.


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